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Themed Mini Sessions ~ Fun, Fast and Simple

Mini sessions are on my list as one of the most fun and simplistic quick sessions you can schedule. This is especially true for young children. The 15 minutes within the session usually allows time to build that comfort level that's needed to have a successful session. The mini sessions are $75 and include 5-7 images, which you receive via email within a Dropbox link and online gallery link for easy sharing and purchasing prints. The Dropbox link includes the 7-10 images covered in your mini session fee. The online gallery includes the 5-7 images, as well as, additional images captured within the session.  

Note: Mini sessions are not for more than 4 people. If you are looking for a session for a larger family please check out our Portrait Sessions. We offer both full sessions (60 minutes duration) and mini sessions (30 minutes duration). 

Spring will be here soon and mini session slots fill up quickly. Book your session today!

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Limited slots and dates available!


Duluth, GA 

McDaniel Farm Park - Sat, 3/30 - 10am - 4pm


Lawrenceville, GA 

Ronald Reagan Park - Sun, 3/31- 1pm - 5pm


Columbus, GA 

Riverwalk - Sun, 4/7- 10am - 4pm

Fun, Fast and Simple

Fun professional photography session

Yes, fun because they usually include a flurry of props built around a theme. Some of our more popular mini sessions have included: the Lemonade Stand with real lemonade, the Spring sessions- both the Vintage look and the Classic look, which included our family bunny Hip Hop, the Back to School mini session which includes great school props along with a vintage school desk! There are a variety of additional themed mini sessions ranging from Valentines Day, Christmas, Fall and much more.  So take some time to browse over our currently available mini sessions. 

Fast, yet filled with quality

Yes, this session only last 15-20 minutes. Parents who sometimes have to really fight for that perfect picture with a professional photographer tend to lean towards this option so that they are in and out. I do place a pad around the session just in case there are some behavioral or mood issues a child must work through. Yet, in the instance your child can not be consoled or "bribed" within this extra 10 minutes, we will have to reschedule or possibly hang around until the next client completes their session. 

Simple creativity

Yes, we keep it very simple! The exact props and scenery in which the pictures will take place is provided in advance. This is helpful when selecting photography session clothing and accessories. This is a session in which I would encourage you to not go overboard. It's a definitely "Keep it Simple" type of session. 

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Lemonade Stand -  (36) (1280x1280).jpg

Some of our other fun mini sessions: 

  • Fall Mini session - with haystacks, fall leaves, pumpkins and more

  • Christmas Mini session - the cutest hot chocolate stand to make those Christmas cards ever so cute!

  • Cap & Gown Mini session - a short session to capture some great shots of such an amazing achievement. 

  • Spring Mini session - the cutest flower stand with perfect Easter bunny additions to ensure that perfect Spring shot!

  • Valentines Mini session - Perfect set up filled with lots of love!

Ensure that your unique personality is captured in beautiful, professional photos. If you would like to learn more about our individual portraits or schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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