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Daycare, Preschool, and Playgroup Portrait Program

We come to you...

Lovelee Photography,Gwinnett County's premier photographer, specializes in providing affordable, flexible photography 

services to meet the needs of Smaller Daycare Centers, Home Daycare Centers and Mommy Playgroups. 


Lovelee Photography’s Proof Portrait Program offers your families flexibility to customize their purchase with minimal work for your center/play group.


Lovelee Photography provides a special touch in comparison to the normal school portraits. As a natural light photographer, all images are captured outside, with amazing props provided by Lovelee Photography. This is not only a plus to your families, in providing them beautiful images, but also takes the strain off the center in creating space for photography equipment, i.e. lighting, backdrops and props.

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How it works

A date is agreed upon for the initial picture day, as well as a make-up date. All children are photographed, unless their parent or guardian opts out. All children that are photographed will receive a proof sheet and online photo gallery link for parents to view images. Parents will then be allotted a specific time to order portraits online or return their order form and payment to the center. Any purchases made outside of the agreed upon cut-off date will result in no commissions being paid to the center or playgroup.


Note: The flow is slightly different for playgroups. The viewing of proof images and ordering of prints will all be done online. 


Benefits to the Center/Playgroup: 

  • Complimentary hour long individual/family portrait session to the owner/playgroup organizer.

  • Staff discount on original portrait purchase

  • Center/Playgroup commissions for purchased packages

Benefits to Parents: 

  • Variety and choice of poses

  • Easy online ordering

  • Affordable portraits and photo gifts

  • Portrait Gallery for easy online sharing




Before Picture Day

Promotional materials will arrive at your center with instructions to help you promote picture day. Remember this is a fundraiser so the higher the participation, the more your center will benefit.

Lovelee Photography will work with you to ensure a smooth Picture day. We will arrive early enough for setup and to discuss any special situations or needs. 


Picture Day

Proof Sheets and/or online gallery links will arrive within 2 weeks to distribute to families. We will also provided reminder notices which should be distributed 1 week prior to the cut-off order date will be provided at this time. 

After Picture Day

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Looking for the best photography near you?

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Looking for the best photography near you?

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