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Children and Family Portrait Photography

Children Photography

The game plan...

Photography sessions with children are about capturing the essence of who they are, the good, the bad, the "indifferent." Therefore, as I coach kids through poses, when I see that they have ideas, they immediately become Assistant Creative Director. As a parent, I just need your support in cheering them on and redirection if needed.


How to prepare my kids...

I love photographing children, no matter how challenging, energetic, happy or sad the child is...all of these are are fairly common attributes and characteristics of children, some temporary, while others are permanent. The truth is the energy of a shoot can be greatly affected by how a parent responds to their child. So, come in with your best parental/guardian energy, the game face of a lifetime and bribery options that will conquer or at least slightly deflate even THE BEST TEMPER TANTRUM/MELTDOWN of a lifetime.

Check out this link on how to prepare your child(ren) for their Lovelee Photography professional photography session. Hint: The key is to make them a part of the process.


Columbus GA photographer Lovelee Photography Children Photography Portrait Session image at Downtown Columbus Riverwalk
Lawrenceville GA photographer - Lovelee Photography Family Photography Portrait Session at the Downtown Columbus Riverwalk


Family portrait sessions are so much fun and you should be enjoying every moment. My biggest rule in all my sessions is to enjoy yourself. So, I can't stress my clients enough that family sessions are not about perfection. Everyone can give off the same cheesy grin. Family photography sessions are about capturing the essence of the moment. Those candid shots of elation when a child is playing with mom or dad and the way parents are able to look at their children and be in the moment. 

Set Expectations...

Before a family session I like to discuss the theme or purpose of the photos, so that we can ensure that in the process of having fun we meet your expectations!

Themed Mini Sessions

The themed mini sessions are super cute options for children. They are short, have great prop options and allow enough time to get the shots we need for the holiday, season or theme. 

To learn more about our Themed mini session options and scheduling, click here

Children Photography Session
Family Photography
Lawrenceville GA photographer - Lovelee Photography - Lemonade Stand Mini Session
Lovelee Photography Cake Smashing Sessio

Ensure that your unique personality is captured in beautiful, professional photos. If you would like to learn more about our individual portraits or schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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Looking for the best photography near you?

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