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Engagement Sessions

Congratulations...It's picture time!

The engagement session is a portrait session of you and your future spouse. The engagement period is special and a magical moment celebrate with beautiful pictures of the two of you together. There are varying goals behind an engagement session, but what I want to give you are natural, authentic images that truly show your love for each other. 

Let's collaborate and schedule...

Give us a call to discuss what you want to achieve through your shoot. We want to ensure we meet your expectations. During that time we will also collaborate on your personal style to determine the best location for your shoot. 


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The Day of the shoot...

When you arrive for your shoot I have typically taken a walk around the location to get an idea of where I would like to start. This initial walk also allows me to choose the best lighting, backgrounds and scenes for the shoot. 
My goal is for your images to appear natural, not forced. I typically start with posed images, which work their way into natural interactions...typically people are slightly stiff in the beginning but as I give you subtle instructions it evolves into so much more. So, don't worry if you're nervous, just trust me and we will make this session into something more than amazing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear...

Location is key...
So, we have decided on a location or maybe we haven't. This decision is connected to what you wear. If you have an idea of what you want to wear, allow that to drive us towards our location. If you know your location, that will give direction in what to wear. 

Stay Comfortable...
I know these images are important, they are your engagement photos, but don't push yourself into a corner of discomfort. Remember you can look amazing and still be yourself. This is not the shoot to completely leave your comfort zone, because the camera doesn't lie. If you look amazing and I tell you, you look amazing and your fiance says you look amazing, but you are uncomfortable I can GUARANTEE you will see it in your poses. So, my suggestion here is to choose something comfortable, that you love! 


It's about coordination...

Please don't feel the need to match perfectly with your mate, its all about colors that complement each other. Unless you are sold on a certain theme where being "twins" is your desired look, I would encourage avoiding the overly matchy look. Also, let's try and stay in the same look category. If you are wearing a casual dress, let's not have your fiance in a tuxedo. If you are really dressed with heels on, it's probably best he leaves his jeans and tennis shoes at home this shoot. 

Just say no...
Please try to stay away from solid bright whites, crazy patterns and huge emblems. White doesn't photograph well, especially during the day. When it comes to patterns we don't want them to clash with the scenery or your fiance. Finally, this is not a commercial shoot for a clothing company, these are your engagement photos. So, let's leave their logos out of this shoot. 

Don't forget...
If you are shooting various outfit choices, remember shoes and accessories. For engagement photos I encourage peeling layers. This helps you gain those diverse looks as you easily go from one look to the next. Bring a bag to carry various items such as shoes, accessories, and more. 

Kids, Pets and Props...Oh my!

The key here is to not place your shoot in jeopardy with too many additions. So plan accordingly. For kids, bring a helper if necessary so you are able to focus on your shoot after we have included them. The same applies with pets. Props are super awesome and I love including them. I typically do props first because they become "in the way" factors at some point. The last thing I want is to have a fiance holding props, balloons, etc.. as we walk from place to place. 

Ensure that your unique personality is captured in beautiful, professional photos. If you would like to learn more about our engagement sessions or schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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