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Newborn Photography

Newborn Sessions* Milestone Sessions * Cake Smash Sessions

Newborn Photography Makes My Heart Sing...

My passion for newborn photography has grown over the last 5 years and its for one simple reason, babies are absolutely sweet.  Capturing their innocence and all their tiny little details is where I truly connect to my love and passion for photography!! With each session my goal it to make sure I get that shot that sends mom into that "Awwww" as if they had seen their little bean for the very first time.

As a mother of  3, and a professional photographer for over 10 years with a focus on newborn photography for over 5 years, you can trust that I will handle your little one with great care and patience. 

Lawrenceville Newborn Photographer - Lovelee Photography - Styled Studio Newborn Session

When to Schedule a Newborn Session...

Schedule your newborn session as soon as you can, that's one thing to check off the list of things to do to prepare fore the new baby. Newborn sessions should be completed within the first 10 days of birth. That's when we are able to achieve multiple poses with a less cranky baby.  Now, this doesn't count out my older babies 4 weeks and up, but it does mean a little bit longer of a session, and less posing and manipulation. 

Schedule your session based off the baby's due date. I am completely aware that babies have a mind of their own and sometimes they choose to speed up or delay their arrival. That is completely OK! It's never an issue to change your newborn session date due to baby wanting to do things on his/her terms. Lol. 

Check out my blog "When to Take Newborn Photos" to learn more about how the age can make a difference in the type of pictures you get from your newborn!  

Lawrenceville Newborn Photographer - Lovelee Photography - Lifestyle Newborn Session
Lawrenceville Newborn Photographer - Lovelee Photography - Milestone Session
Lovelee Photography Newborn Session - Ph

The more intimate newborn session would be the Lifestyle Newborn Session. The lifestyle session focuses completely on the baby and family and your candid interactions, with your home as the backdrop. We can capture pictures of the baby's nursery, family pictures in the family living room area, bedroom and more. Lifestyle Newborn sessions give mom the chance to really engage with her new baby versus passing her off to me to wrap up. I capture every snuggle, every kiss, every cry, and even feedings, bottle or breastfeeding. The intimacy of these sessions is based completely on the comfort level of the family. And lets not forget the fur babies, they want to sniff, lick and love on their new sibling as well. Lol. This session doesn't include any Lovelee Photography props.


Our final newborn session option is the Lifestyle Newborn Session with Posing. This session includes all that comes with the Lifestyle Session, but I also bring a small studio set up with posing bag and props, to capture 2-3 looks. A lot of moms find the lifestyle session really convenient, especially if they had a tough labor, and the option to have the posing added onto your session makes this option even more attractive because they also get those precious individual shots of the baby wrapped or posed.

We offer Three Types of Newborn Sessions...

The Styled Studio Newborn Session is completely about the baby. This session is done at the Lovelee Photography studio, located in my home in Loganville, Georgia. All the props are provided and you only need to bring your new baby and any special items, such as headbands, outfits, blankets, stuffed animals, etc., you would like included in your session. Lovelee Photography will cover the rest! There are family pictures captured at the end of the session in front of a black backdrop with the baby, mom, dad, and/or siblings. Check out the studio!

Prepare for your Newborn Session?

Check out our Newborn Photography Session Checklist to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth professional newborn photography session with Lovelee Photography!

Let's Grow Together...Milestones & Cake Smash

Our relationship doesn't have to start or end with a newborn photography session. Let's grow together with Milestone Photography Sessions, as well as, a Cake Smash Session to celebrate the big O-N-E birthday. Get the details on our Milestone and Cake Smash Sessions!

Styled Newborn Session
Lifestyle Newborn Session

Ensure that your unique personality is captured in beautiful, professional photos. If you would like to learn more about our individual portraits or schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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