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How to Prepare for your Newborn Session

Newborn Session Checklist


Your baby’s naked skin is by far the most gorgeous thing he or she can wear.  Newborn clothing rarely looks good in portraits. Bring any blankets or wraps for the baby to wear. For parents with the baby, we recommend wearing a simple long sleeve solid black top. We also suggest that your nails are trimmed and neat when holding the baby.

props & accessories
I encourage accessories and even taking a look at Pinterest for amazing ideas to personalize your own accessories. Yet, please be selective and makes sure they aren’t too big for your small newborn.
personal mementos
Those special blankets and/or handmade gifts that you receive from friends and family members are welcome during the session. Classic stuffed animal toys are always great items to bring.
A newborn session will run 1-2 hours and that includes atleast one or two long breaks for feedings. Please bring whatever you need to be prepared for feedings, whether its extra bottles, pumped breast milk or formula, plus extra burp clothes. 

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