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A Diaper Bag Lesson in Grace and Growth!

The fun thing about my job as a newborn photographer is not only getting to hold, smell and love on newborn babies, then swiftly returning them, but also interacting with new mommas and watching them embrace their new role as superhero! I recently had a newborn session with 6 week old twins, a boy and girl, that were actually born preemies. They were just approaching their 40 week gestation and were finally able to come out and get some professional newborn pictures done!

Who knew that the simple omission of a diaper bag that I was able to have a refresher lesson in grace and growth?

Me and the new momma had already arranged for her to feed at my in-home studio. I tend to suggest this to allow that nice transition into that comatose feeding sleep. With her babies being 6 weeks old, we took into consideration their current pattern of eating, pooping, then drifting off to a nice sleep. Therefore, we were prepared; I mean, we thought were prepared.

Upon arrival, the momma walked in with her sweet babies sound asleep. That's when she broke the news that she forgot their diaper bag. She had no diapers, no milk, no wipes, nothing. Lol. The anxiety was written all over her face. I then began to feel it myself, because why after all these years of photographing newborns had I not thought to supply newborn diapers, wipes, and possibly even have bottles and pacifiers on hand? In that moment I felt like a sucky newborn photographer!

The game plan was that dad would go back home, which was about 20 minutes away and grab the diaper bag with the necessities and we would go ahead and start shooting her son who was so super laid back. Well in dad's absence we experienced blow out diapers and hungry babies, with none of the resources to solve these problems.

When dad returned it was game time, diapers were changed and babies were fed. And that's when we heard the sound of excellence in the digestive system from the little ones. Another poop was in play. Lol. That's when things got interesting. Momma came over to me with the humility of a new mom embracing her learning curve and let me know that she only had 4 diapers in the bag to begin with and that they had used 2 for a previous pediatric appointment and then of course used 2

during their time with me at the session. They were out of diapers!! Lol. I am sorry, the whole thing was chuckle worthy.

So, dad was assigned a new adventure to find diapers at the nearest store in the midst of rush hour traffic, while we continued to keep poopy babies happy. Dad performed super well under pressure and upon his return we were finally able to get back on track so that the session could be completed.

These things happen right? We forget things...moms aren't perfect; although we so want to be juggling our many balls in the air not even wanting to consider the option that one may fall. But that's simply unrealistic!

It was amazing watching that Lovelee Momma stay composed through blowout diapers, being pooped on, not having formula and then dealing with a fussy babies. She was the real MVP, because she was totally committed to the process and I loved it!

In these moments of coming up short, missing things, making mistakes, BEING HUMAN, we must extend ourselves grace to move into growth...

Part of me felt completely inadequate for not being prepared. But by not letting that moment define me and lending myself some grace I was able to lean into growth. What could I do differently to make this experience better for my clients? How could I be better prepared for my new moms? They already have so much on their plates, what diaper bag essentials could I keep on hand?

Grace and growth...their connected. It's hard to grow through an experience without grace. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, God reminds us that His grace is sufficient for us. Therefore we can celebrate our weaknesses, because when we are weak that is when God's power can work through us.

As moms we are going be faced with so many situations where we will not always perform at the highest level, whether its having a bad day and snapping at our kids, not getting homework done, not getting the grocery shopping done, not making it to the gym; but we can't allow those moments to define us. We have to lean into God's grace and allow growth to take place. And just like that, the omission of a diaper bag offered me a quick reminder lesson in Grace and


Next time you have a moment of challenge, embrace grace and look for the opportunity to grow!

Are you a new or expectant momma? Need a diaper bag checklist? Don't worry, I've got you!

If you have feedback or you have a story to tell, because I love a good story, please email me at I want to celebrate you and help out other Lovelee Mommas in this community who may currently be in the midst of a similar challenge in life that they have no real plan on how to tackle. Want daily encouragement?Follow us on Instagram to get a daily affirmation, Bible verse and quote about motherhood!

My name is Sharonda Lee, I am a Christ-Centered Momma of 3, Recovering Perfectionist, Hobby Lobby Enthusiasts and Professional Newborn Photographer! The Lovelee Momma Blog is about cultivating a community of mommas that are devoted to maintaining a Grateful Attitude, a Joyful Heart and a Blessed Mentality, all fueled by their spiritual relationship with God and authentic relationships attained through community. My hope is that you leave here with useful momma tips, encouragement or inspiration!

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